Activist double takes

During my first few years using a camera, from around 2007 – 2009, I worked as a photojournalist, documenting demonstrations in and around London. (Samples of this early work can also be seen on this site in the project “Activist Archive”.)

Several years later I was drawn to re-visit the scenes of my photographs, to try to make sense of the things I had seen there. There is something very odd about re-visiting the scene of an intense event: you feel like the only witness to what has happened, while normality goes on around you. It is as if the event may not have ever occurred, and the evidence you carry with you is simply a fabrication, or an elaborate Photoshop-job.

In essence, with these pictures I am trying to work out whether or not the lively, sometimes violent, activist events I have been involved with have any real effect on the world. If so, what is it? …and if it has no effect, why bother?

This work is ongoing. Click an image below to begin the slideshow.